Float Plane Flight

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Random guy, watching the planes

Same guy, grabbing his butt

float plane

float plane being delivered to the dock by a forklift (Whaaaat?!?)

2 float planes (mine on the right)

Float plane taking off, float plane taxiing

Where I am headed (Refuge Cove)

About to take off

Pilot Larry and passenger Arnie. Not pictured: passenger Jan.

The checked baggage

picture of the pontoon just before take off

Take off!

Hazy Mt. Rainier from the sky

sky pictures

Downtown Seattle off in the hazy distance

golf course

Mt. Baker, again, hazy

Arnie checking out of the view

2 sail boats approaching our shadow and shallow water

Olympic mountains

2,203 ft? Thats it?

Cool cliffs

An empty container ship

Getting above the clouds

Kinda looks like Google Earth when you look at the map this way.

ooooh, over a mile up now

Reading about the plane I am flying in

wow, 3 minutes and 1200 ft. Not bad

Roche Harbor, WA

Maxed out at 6,734 ft around Vancouver

Pender Harbor -- Where I was last year

Hello airstrip, won't be needing you today!

Cool islands

Entering Canada

more cool stuff

bunch of logs in the water

Welcome to Nanaimo!

The marina in Nanaimo

Landing on the water

Hooray for Olympics in 2 years!

Another plane landing near us

Larry, Jan, and Arnie heading back to plane after clearing customs

Not too high on the 2nd leg of the trip

Cool misty effect on the Mountains

Trying for a backlit self-photo

Ahh, much better

Coming into Desolation Sound

Larry playing chicken with some mountains

Lots of trees in the NW

plane shadow shot again (This looked a lot cooler in person)

Landing in Prideaux Haven

a boat on its way out

Welcome to Desolation Sound!

Jan and Arnie exiting the plane. So long!

On our way to Refuge Cove

Larry the pilot

Me flying shotgun

Larry cutting it pretty close around these mountains

Coming in for a landing

I swear we were only 15 feet from the rocks. Larry is crazy!

I see Kiawah!

Welcome to Refuge Cove!

The welcome wagon out to greet me

Hi everybody!

Don't forget to come get me!

Back on land in Refuge Cove

Leslie and Jenny coming to pick me up!


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