Desolation Sound

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Hello Leslie!

Getting serious and trying not to run into other boats

My hangout for the week

Self-photos are the best!

big and cool sailboat

Mmm, waterfalls

looks much bigger in person

This boat was huge

A Bald Eagle watching us try to anchor

Leslie manning the anchor

Mmm, scrabble

Bug Spraying or Dancing?

definitely dancing


Leslie attacking me with bug spray

Off to find an inland lake

its somewhere around here

or so they say...

getting pictures by the lake. I was told there would be swimming?

Simmons clan, take 1

Simmons clan, take 2, sans hats

more hiking to find a way into this lake


Hooray for swimming!

carefully checking the water for leeches. We forgot to last time (oops!)

Jenny staying far away from any possible leeches

Dan seems to be okay. My turn!


Some random dudes doing some cliff diving

Leslie and I with a sail boat

Look at that amazing Michigan flag!

Doing some acrobatics off the top of the boat


This won't end well...

finishing the flip

Doing my best Matrix impression


Back flip time

missed the action, got the splash

frame by frame jump


getting some air

tucking for the splash



disappearing into the watery abyss. Shoulda done a flip

Leaving Desolation Sound. So long!

Entering April Point

Giant cruise ship passing behind us

Seals! Yay!



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And there just so happens to be a wolverine there too!  Grrrrrrr. I think this picture needs to be framed.
-- Bill

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