Princess Louisa Inlet

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Heading into the fjords

a glimpse of Dan's fantastic sucker koozie

look at those fjords!

Leslie looking at those fjords. Or driving the boat, either one.

fjords is fun to say

keeping watch for floating logs (and pirates)

Shouldn't you be paying attention?

Mrs. Simmons enjoying the sun


not sure

I took about 30 pictures in a row trying to get both flags to show properly and this was the best on

Entering Jervis Inlet

Some cool snow caps

Dan, losing in Scrabble


Wind starting to pick up

Leslie and her Mom in Canada

Sun setting behind a mountain

Some cool scenery shots

Leslie, not doing a good job of being a lookout

Sun = warm. Clouds = cold

trying to take pictures in the wind and sun


starting to see more snow

someone's head

looking back at the pictures now, these seemed much larger in person

we are going thataway

hanging out in the pilot house

off the starboard bow

Malibu Rapids and the camp(?) house that is there

getting nervous about the rapids...

Welcome to Princess Lousia!

The other side of the camp(?) house at the rapids

that is a few thousand feet high to give you perspective

Mr. Simmons magic disappearing act...

poof! He's gone!

I was taking this to see what the sign said but I still can't read it now

view from the port side

More cool cliffs

Jenny and the Michigan flag enjoying the view

Still a ton of snow up here in mid July

I'm a fan of rock faces

still going

I burned through quite a few pictures on this trp

I was in charge of the AIS pretty much the whole trip. I want AIS in my car.

Dan taking pictures

Hooray for (HUGE) waterfalls!


going to anchor by that other boat on the left.

This was the best stop on the trip by far

Seals! Again!

Princess Louisa in better light the next morning

I think I have 25 copies of this shot.

The big waterfall that all the little waterfalls were waterfalling into


the waterfall with some random sailboat

Leslie and I on our way to the waterfall

Actually, its not called "waterfall" but rather "Chatterbox Falls"

A better angle for the shot

awesomely backlit

mossy rocks

a picture of Leslie taking a picture of Chatterbox Falls

Hello float plane!

the bottome of Chatterbox Falls looking up

Leslie on the rocks

the rest of the Simmons clan coming over on the tender

People were actually taking showers in the falls (brrrr)

more wonderfully backlit photos

Chatterbox Falls warning sign. 12 people? Really?

Oh, 13 now apparently

the trail to the falls

Jenny at the base of the falls

Mrs. Simmons at the falls

The guys taking pictures of...

... the girls!

babbling brook

The same shot of Princess Louisa. Again

A cool tree

the cliffs/rock face

the cliffs/rock face with sky

Kiawah with trees and cliffs


Fishies eating all the junk on the rope

So long Princess Louisa, by far my favorite princess that I have every visited!

spray on the windows and a hazy Mt. Baker.

Mt. Baker and Bellingham in the distance

There is Bellingham, almost home!

Chillin up top in the sun

sunset on Lummi island

Bellingham, again

Totally going to ski Baker this winter


My post for the trip

my sleeve getting in the way of another sunset shot

misty mountains are cool

Aaaand, we're back. Hooray!


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