Nwankwo Wedding

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Uche's cool entertainment center

Hangin with Joe

Nice Nnam

Uche sporting the walking cast

Much better than the purple tie

The procession of the men


Uche awaiting his bride

The wedding party (minus Carrie)

Susan, doing some speaking

Clearly that last bridesmaid didn't care what Susan was saying

Uche and Carrie, binding their hands

The happy couple, looking for pennies on the ground

No pennies, let's kiss instead!


Heading back down the aisle

Hello Jesse!

Yahn, not looking at me

Reception pictures -- took a little while to figure out that flashes are bad

And then it took a little while to get the exposure settings correct.

Ahh, getting better now

Still need to have some light (from the bar!)

Trying to be artistic with the mirrors

more mirror pictures

DJ Ryan was actually pretty cool. Lots of line dancing though...

On to the German portion of the night

lifting the bride and groom up and down on chairs

Uche looks a bit concerned about his foot...

But nobody else seems to care!

And now they get hats!

with a bunch of stuff on them

And then more lifting!

and more lifting!

Off to bar!

for the wedding shot!(?) Seriously.

Oooh, fun long exposure photos in the dark!


Bride and Groom dancing in their fancy hats

More dancing

I like this shot

and this one. Very Michael Jackson video-ish

Okay, last one.


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