Cannon Beach

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Welcome to Oregon! (finally!)

Hanging out in front of the deforestation

Some crazy decorated car in front of us that I tried to get a picture of while driving

Wasn't going so well

Oh well, its the thought that counts

Welcome to Cannon Beach!

Haystack Rock!

looking north back up the beach

Some family hanging out in front of the rock

Hello Leslie!

Beach, Rock, Leslie, Water

More beach pictures

Ocean water attacking my feet

Mmm, Oregon

Another haystack rock picture

Lots of people

This totally looks like a green screen/CGI to me

Tidepools and lots of people


Self photo at the rock

Some guy, contemplating life

Artistic shot © Leslie Simmons

Our surfing headquarters

Hanging out in the surf shop

Leslie, awaiting instructions

Lots of surfing magazines. Weird.

A cool little sticker on the wall

Clothes. I wanted the blue one but it was sold by the time I got back. Grrrr!

Leslie excited and on her way to surf!


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This picture took a TON of planning :-) But looks so natural...
-- Simmy Sim Sims

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