Mt Rainier

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Welcome to Mt. Rainier National Park!

The bikers in front of us

There it is!

There it is again!

This time its a model

The first waterfall of the hike

Another shot of Rainier

Last time I was here, it was very cloudy so I took lots of pictures of the mountain this time

Top o' the waterfall

babbling brook

This looked better in person

a "bridge" we had to cross on the trail

A cool valley

Leslie taking a break

A valley with 3 bears

You can see the mom (black dot off-center left) but the 2 cubs don't show up very well

Me and the mountain

Leslie and the mountain

Leslie crossing a creek on the way up the mountain

Good shot of the beard here...

Same shot, sans me

Leslie, 4 seconds away from being hit with a snowball


Snow pack

Apparently, there was another bear just over this ledge

More scenic pictures

And again

Posing in front of the mountain

Crazy people hiking on the glacier

One day, that will be me

Hello Leslie!

A marmot!

He's so cute!

And very fluffy

And by fluffy I mean chubby

There is another bear in here somewhere

You can see it a little better there

Bears are boring, back to the marmots!

That house was littered with marmots

Mt. Rainier in all its glory

Trying to take a picture but blocking the mountain with my huge head

Not any better

Leslie trying to "climb" the mountain. Not really working


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