Penny The Wonder Dog

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Getting her high-beams running again

trying to eat my sock

blue eyes?

Penny watching some TV

Clearly I'm distracting her from the TV

Penny with her eyes on high-beam

Aww, so tiny!

Awwwww, so cute!

Curled up next to me on the floor

all curled up

Sleeping on the floor again

tired again


Passed out

Laser eyes! Pew pew!

Looks a little Sphinx-ish there

Snowman has since been ripped apart

Awww, wish this was a little less dark

Heading back inside

Grabbing some grub

She loves to eat

Hiding behind the guitars

She loves that corner and likes to stick her head under the couch to sleep. Crazy dog

Penny hanging out by the food dish

That bone is no longer

Go Sounders!

Penny helping me through my busted-lip injury

quite the snuggler


Penny, posing

Go-go gadget legs!

posing with her toy

Showing off her white belly

Penny! Inappropriate!

She loves to lay on her back

Cool fog

Toys strewn about everywhere

She likes to sleep at the corner of couch


She HATES that heater vent next to her

Practicing her over-the-shoulder look for the red carpet



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