Penny @ 14 Weeks

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Awwwwww #2

Confused about the camera

Hmm, what do I want to squeak next...

Sleeping with her toys

She pulled all her toys out and put them in a pile. Sadly, only about half of them still exist

Posing now with her toys

Another pile o' toys picture

Penny LOVES her toys too!

Sleeping in her crate with her Giraffe (R.I.P.)

Penny in her crate

Wow, she can wink!

Curled up with her Giraffe

Penny LOVES snow

Climbing some rocks at the Bark Park

Playing in the snow

On point

Watching all the other dogs play while she has to sit outside the fence.

obsessed with something

Digging in the snow

Awww, my 2nd favorite one

Penny out on the trail

Sniffing something out on the trail

Just Chilling

My favorite picture by far!

Hanging out by the couch


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Hooray for Mini-Golf! I can't believe how perfect this photo is in terms of jumping and background
-- Jay

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