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Looks a bit surprised

Only half under the couch this time


Where's Penny?

Penny, peeking out from her fort

Trying to ignore the geese

I swear the geese knew she wouldn't swim out there and they were just taunting her the whole time

Penny playing in the water

Playing in the water for the first time

Ewww, wet dog smell

First sees the ducks across the pond

Penny! Look! Geese!

She likes to sleep under the couch


She really enjoys laying on my legs for some reason


She sleeps like this probably 60% of the time

Penny checking out the neighborhood dogs

I think Charlie is outside (her favorite)

Ready for her first day of school!

Waiting/Wanting to go outside, NOW!

Penny on top of (little) Mt. Si

Trying to find the birds

I feel like she posed for this

Penny resting in her (favorite) bed

Penny loves picture time

Nice Penny

Naughty Penny

Awww, so cute

Playing in the snow

Super-zoomed in snow face shot

Another super-zoom snow face shot with Penny looking at me

Now she just looks sleepy


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Another timer photo but this time off a rock i sort of look like i have three legs. Or one man leg and one lady leg.
-- simms

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