Twin Falls Hike

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Higher view of falls #1

That is what the mountain was supposed to look like

Penny playing in the snow, probably just eating it

Penny in the snow

You can kinda see Penny

Penny sitting pretty

Grr, who can photoshop the contrast of just the background to darken it up a bit. Anyone?

This was cool in real-life but my cheap camera can't handle the lighting constrasts. Penny wasn't p

Twin fall #1

the other falls

One of the falls

Bottom of twin fall #2

Falls, again

Scarred Penny and me with the falls

Picture with a freaked out Penny at the falls

One terrified dog

The treehouse lookout

A really cool overlook for the waterfall that feels like a treehouse

Freaked out Penny watch Steve drive

Penny falling asleep in the car


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Nancy and Mom, finally meeting in real life I really was happy to finally meet you face to face Nancy - just not with THIS face!!!

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