Sounders Opener

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Walking into the stadium

The XBox 360 pitch

Qwest is a pretty nice stadium


giant sounders jersey again

Giant jersey

The owners and the commish

Joe Roth, my new favorite person

Joe Roth, my idol

Scarves Up!

Drew Carey. Drewwwwwww

You can see the band in this shot



procession of the teams

Yay Sounders!

The opening ceremonies. This really felt World Cup-ish

Opening ceremonies

Woo! Go Sounders!

The Emerald City Supporters


Just missed the starting XI photo


Almost kickoff

Leslie (who missed the second goal)!

Our ticket group (Mistie is hiding behind James)

I kinda like the "XBOX 360" tarp but they totally should have sold those seats

ECS is pretty cool

Goooooooooal Montero!

Freddy faking the shot and scoring goal #3

I had a picture of this exact thing in the paper during high school

2 minutes of stoppage time remaining

game play and debris on the field

Sounders win! 3-nil

Game. Sounders.

full time

Go Sounders! Go Blue!

Sounders win!

The starting XI (courtesy of Rod Mar)


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