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An outdoor cafe in Volcano

Downtown Volcano - population 17

Probably the only phone in town

One of the crazy one-lane two-way roads

I'm surprised it took this long to get a self-photo

And a photo of me

Accidentally trapped 2 deer between 10 foot fences. Ended up herding them to the end before one made it over and one, sadly, did not.


Hello llama

Llama says "Hello"

Heading up to the winery on the hill

not hill, mount

The winery with the awesome view

mmm, future wine

Very tasty wine

Leslie and the Sierra's

Both of us and the Sierra's

Lunch at Incahoots!

Lots of dead animal decorations

a pheasant trying to poop on my food

Which was a delicious taco pizza

I was allowed to whine for free

Leslie's 2nd career, car modeling

As Leslie would say "That is how a river is supposed to look"

A picture in front of the good-looking river

The road to Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe!

Bill's Casino - Not nearly as cool as it sounds. Because it sounds REALLY cool

Lake Tahoe on a 90 degree day


Pictures on the beach

The uncelebratory state line of California and Nevada

Leslie waiting for lunch at the pier

The view at lunch

Working on my tan

window reflection photo

Like I said, working on our tans. We had to switch sides of the table to keep it even

View of the lake. Let's go play some golf


Leslie was winning early. I was grumpy


Celebrating with Porky

Hooray for Mini-Golf!

Leslie not quite as excited

Leslie and a rainbow

Watch out for the fish!

Mmm, ice cream

Cookies n Cream with fudge and carmel and chocolate sprinkles. So good.

I think Leslie started to get bored of driving around

Back to the Hanford House!

Best B and B I have ever been to

The view of Jackson

A Turkey! In the parking lot! Gobble gobble


Where Arnold works

Taking some professional-style pictures

Proof that we were actually taking these

Leslie posing by herself


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Wasting time on the way back home. a picture of me is not a waste of time, bill.
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