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   Penny and I at the worlds smallest park

   Penny wanted her own picture with it

   This park was amazing

The hiking trails are amazing, the panoramic views stunning,

   Leslie and Penny in(?) Mill Ends Park

   One of the many, many bridges in Portland

   Dragon Boat racing

   That could be an R I guess

   Penny gets really tired wearing a black fur coat in the heat

   Bridge! I think this was supposed to be a K

   N! or Z!


   H! (Another one of my favorites)

   Y! or V!

   Penny and her blankie


   Some of the delicious food

Welcome to Portland! Watch out for the train tracks!

   Penny didn't want to go in her crate so I thought I would show her how its done

   She thought it was hilarious!

   Gazing at the carnival across the street

   Cool sign for the Fish Grotto


   We felt very artsy in Portland

   And decided to take photos of things that looked like letters. M!


   no letters, just a cool shot

   Trying to keep Penny from going into the Lucy store



   F! (if you look at it upside down)

Leslie taking a break from letters



   R! (I liked this one)


   R! or J! (if you flip the picture)

   B! (kinda)


   fire escape!


   Penny enjoyed this a lot

   A! (kinda hard to see)


   P! (lots of P's in Portland. Oh wait, I get that!)



Trying to keep Penny from barking at everything in the hotel

   Didn't work too well

   But we danced, so that was nice

Mill Ends Park - The smallest park in the world according to Guiness

   There it is!


  • Looks like she is trying to eat it. Note that she didn't go to the bathroom on it- the one greenspace in Portland.

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Leslie, 4 seconds away from being hit with a snowball That ass is asking the be hit by a snowball. From this perspective, i understand how you couldn't resist.
-- Simms

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