Baseball Trip 2009

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And they gave me a certificate for it

Not quite the same as singing at Wrigley

Everyone is excited for the last out. Or something

So long A's, off to the Giants game!

AT&T Park is much cooler

James thinks so

Much better scoreboard

Taking a tour after the game

Picture at the park

The cove behind the right field wall

AT&T Park...

With splashes!

Getting some good views of the city

Not golden gate

View from James's roof

Transamerica building

An awesome donuts sign

San Francisco on the right (clouds), Silicon Valley on the left (blue sky)

ECS at the Sounders game (in San Jose)

Wow, what a lame pre-game procession

Wow, what a lame cheering section!

We were much better

And louder

Ka-sey Kel-ler

Wooo Sounders! Too bad we lost 0-4 to a terrible terrible team

Off to the airport, so long San Fran!

Welcome to the Oakland Alameda County Coliseum!

The Field!

Look how packed the stands are

A few more people showed up

probably looking for some Oaktown Mojo

Our "real" seats were over there

Our $9 comp ticket

Uh oh, look who caught a foul ball!

First one in my life!


  • I didn't know they did that....pretty cool.
  • that is sooo awesome!!

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Mill Ends Park - The smallest park in the world according to Guiness Haha. At first i didnt know what you were talking about.. but haha now i get it!!
-- Lauren M.

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