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Leslie putting away

When in Denver, you HAVE to go to the first Chiptole

Mmm, chicken burrito

Leslie just wanted chips. Lame.

her properly named bag

So good

Some crazy rain cloud formation on the way back home. Looked much cooler in person

Leslie taking off into the wilderness

Looking back down the trail

Self-photo #1

Boulder from the mountain

Boulder from a little bit higher up the mountain

I can't believe these steps naturally formed like this!

Taking pictures of Leslie taking pictures

I had to hang the camera from the tree and set the timer to get this to work, Leslie is laughing at the idea. I showed her!

pondering life in Boulder

Another timer photo but this time off a rock

University of Colorado - Boulder

Some road we could have taken instead of hiking. Pff.

This looks like a Leslie-taken photo to me

Slyly snapped this without even looking

I think there were rock climbers up there or something

I slipped and almost died somewhere around here (not really, but kinda)

Mini-golf! A vacation tradition

perfect putting form


  • u could sell artistic mini-golf photos

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Leslie and I in Canada! jesus, did i forget my pants??? wtf am i (not)wearing??
-- leslie

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