Iowa Roadtrip

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American Airlines really gets into their Halloween themes

Welcome to Iowa!

Firing up the grill

Proper seating provide by the Campbell family

Bal looks cold already

Go Blue!

Kinnick stadium, meh

Looks so tiny!

Bal to right...

...Gunz to the left

I think there is a nuclear reactor behind the endzone

Michigan warm-ups

Circle of death!

Aftermath of circle of death

Woo! Go Blue!

People coming in

Almost game time

Surfin Bird?

I kinda hate mascots

What does AWOI mean?

Much better, Go Blue!

Almost gametime. So cold


And we won (the first quarter)!


  • this could take the place of medivel times.

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And they gave me a certificate for it I didn't know they did that....pretty cool.
-- Jay

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