Kiawah Island

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Welcome back to the Kiawah Island house, we have a Kia waiting for you!

We also have bikes if you would like to use them. You would? Fantastic!

May we suggest the swamp marshes for your bike trip?

You may see a gator or three

Leslie leading the way to...

The beach!

Dan doing donuts on the beach

My three beach biker gang members

artsy-type shot on the go

Oh no! A damsel in distress!

Meh, I guess those are nice houses on the atlantic shore

Dolphin! Really close to shore!

Meh, dolphins are boring

Sand Pipers is where it's at!

Peace, brotha!

I'm slightly obsessed with timer photos now

Ahh, much better the second take

Do you like your Leslie original?

Or saucy?

The map of the Gobble Wobble race

Sadly, we missed it do a "timing" issue

Hello, Charleston!

Thanksgiving dinner

MY thanksgiving dinner

My post-thanksgiving dinner

magically cleaned up!

danger alligators are much better than regular alligators

Somehow we ended up on the set of Where The Wild Things Are

A cool hurricane-blown tree

pretty sunset/water

Nancy would call this an AFS picture

This one too

Ok, last one

I agree, its definitely dark enough for karate

Nancy and Mrs. Simmons in front of the sunset

We all agreed that this house was very difficult to photograph from the outside

Darkness definitely doesn't help

Nancy doing stuff in the kitchen

My new best friend!

He was very friendly

And loved that I was taking pictures of him

Posed for me and everything. Good little crab!

Leslie was jealous I was taking so many pictures of the crab

And her dad wanted in on the action too

Kiawah Golf Club - Ocean Course, home of the 2012 PGA Championship

I wanna play

We found Nancy on the beach!

This was fun

The timing worked out well

Doh! You weren't supposed to wave!


BIG gator


Riding in the house elevator for fun

Hello, Leslie!

Some random house shots

The pool that was really cold

The house is on Otter Island Dr. Get it?

Getting ready for our big night on the town

Leslie and Jenny

They wanted a picture will all 3 beige tones (car, dress, dress). I obliged.

Leslie in her pretty new dress (thanks Catherine!)

Grr, blurry. GRR!


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