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Welcome to Simmons Christmas Eve!

Dan getting the fire going

And of course, Leslie

Hehe, the Simmons Snowmen are shunning Jenny Snowman

Bo Wine set - Merlot was good

My spankin' new Kiawah gang member jacket

Merry Christmas Morning!

Merry Christmas Morning (different angle)!

The sun and Penny are ruining this nice phot

A little better

Welp, that is the best we can do. Merry Christmas!

Penny was very interested in every gift

Even the tiny hot pad holders

But especially her new stuffies

MINE! Give!

Running away with her toy to christen it in her treehouse

Hooray! FIFA 10! Now I can ignore Leslie and play video games!

Penny wants to play with as many toys as possible

Loves all her new toys

Stockings, Me, Prezzie

A cute 3-layer candy dish!

Penny's brand new, laser-engraved, name tag!

My Santa nesting dolls sent all the way from Russia (or, Michigan)!

Shears! Careful Penny!

Penny trying to help figure out what this gift is

A steamer pot!

Leslie's really cooly-wrapped christmas prezzie

What's inside?

Aww, BFF's

There is something else inside

What are they???

Hooray! Bon Jovi tickets!

The pile of discarded paper


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Leslie posing by herself i've read a lot of US Weekly magazines to get that pose.
-- simms

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