Ski Jumping

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Here comes the train to the Olympics!

Leslie enjoying her business class seat

I had to face backwards


Our house for the weekend

and 4 hours later at 5am... we are boarding the bus to Whistler

Mrs. Simmons backlit

this is the picture on the front page of the paper

Rollin' into Whistler!

My ski jumping ticket in the dark

We are here!

Hey, I know you!

Chatting it up before she has to go drive some dignitaries around

Nancy and Mom, finally meeting in real life

One more picture, then gotta go watch some ski's jumping!

On the way into the event

Still walking...

Getting through security...

And still walking...

Oh hello Quatchi and Miga! Still walking...

And we are here! Hooray!

Well, almost...

Ok, NOW we are here! Yay!

Awww yea, Johnson USA up first!

Gooooo jumpers!

Dude about to jump

You can kinda see him

That is basically what he looked like up close


Polska on top!

The (Polish) crowd goes wild!

Awww, too bad the Swiss won

Leslie checking the route to the train station

Ha! Well played Alaska Ferry, well played.


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