Speed Skating

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Let's go to speed skating!

some cool signage

Leslie in the rain with the cool signage

We're in!

Leslie is dying to eat her pork sandwhich

The skater holding area

And we're off!

Skaters skating

Ohno making his move

Ohno WAY ahead of everyone else

I feel like these pictures are going to be very repetitive

Yup, pretty much

The mass chaos that is speed skating relays

more chaos

The pro-USA crowd


That is a nice looking logo!

Apolo Ohno!

Ohno getting ready to rule the rink

And they're off!

Winner! (well, 2nd place)

Hooray Apolo!

Fuzzy Apolo

Less fuzzy Apolo and Celski


Getting the podium ready

I had some blurriness problems today

Ohno and Celski

The winners




The best Apolo shot I got all night


Group shot

Hooray for speed skating!

Heading down to Robson St

Robson St!

Some fake trees

fun lighting

A giant Canadian flag on a building

pretty lights

A cool light and firework spectacular!


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