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Good Morning! Off to the luuuuuuge

Busin' it up to Whistler with Jenny and Dan

Leslie zooming by the mountains outside

Aaaand, she's out. hehe

Jenny and Dan, not sleeping

Leslie's up!


I kinda want mittens with fingers

Riding the gondolla

The warming hut

Really? Underwear is considered General Waste?

Dan, Jenny, and Leslie at the Luuuuuuge

Swapping me in for Leslie. Upgrade!

The contest for the first person to capture a luger is on! Just missed

Whoops, too early again. Ok, I think I got the timing down now...

Success! I win!

Turn 11

Yea! Got another one at turn 12!

Weather is starting to clear up and get warm

2010 Olympics in the 'Couve

Caught her mid-smile


The self-photo took awhile this time

Someone else taking it

Whistler Sliding Center

Photographers in the trees

The finish area

The jumbotron at the finish area

The best place to see the lugers, the ramp up after the finish line

Pretty again

Hello Jenny!

Hello Luger!

USA Superfans

Leslie and Jenny


Another Luger!

Heading down to the last turn on the way out

Bye bye Whistler

The Olympic Torch!

IBC Plaza

Wait, why is nobody around the flame?

Oh, because it is behind a chain-linked fence. Of course

So long Canada!


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