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The first picture on our new camera is, of course, Penny

Sniffing some bad wine

I feel like Penny will have to get used to this camera always being in her face

Looks like she got used to it quickly

Showing off her new "wave" trick

snuggling with the pink wrapping paper

Looks like our model is tired, lets take pictures of ourselves instead!

not centered very well

it took this long for a self-photo. Shocking.

Why not have 2?

Penny is not amused

Or maybe she is just jealous

And wants the focus on her

You can almost tell which pictures I take and which ones Leslie takes

Hers are much better quality

I think she is a bit scared of the shutter sound

Play time!

blurry play time!

Dancing with the dog

first couple self-photo

There were about 40 of these I had to delete (you're welcome)

My turn for pictures!

Show me... happy

Show me... road rage

Show me... road rage with teeth

Now attack Penny!


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Mill Ends Park - The smallest park in the world according to Guiness Haha. At first i didnt know what you were talking about.. but haha now i get it!!
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