Snoqualmie Falls

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Hitting up Snoqualmie Falls to test out the new camera

At sunset, of course

I have a picture of Leslie like this, I think she was jealous

Mmm, sunset

Playing with the focus

Swapping focal points

This is fun!

Grr, stupid crane messing up our photo shoot

Probably checking in on foursquare

Or more likely, Gowalla

Hooray! Checked-in!

My turn to take pictures!

This new viewing platform is cool

Leslie, this is supposed to be a serious photo shoot


Our engagement balcony!

A mouse, an orange slice, and a Red Bull can

oh, and tin foil too

Cropping out that crane is annoying

That's enough, lets eat!


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I'm slightly obsessed with timer photos now our heads form a perfect u. it's almost freaky.
-- simmons

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