Sounders v Chicago

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Go Sounders!

Marching band guy getting into it

Matt Hasselbeck getting into it

Full band getting into it


Here comes the ECS

One of the flag wavin guys

More ECS

And even more ECS

Inaugural season ticket holders scarf

Trying to find our names

There they are! (in the C)

Leslie and the skyline




Sigi and Chris talking it out

Pre-game crowd


FL10 was great, but he's going down!

Boss making some nice saves in warm-ups

ECS getting rowdy

Leslie? Not so rowdy

Electron Boy getting the golden scarf for rescuing the team from Dr. Dark

The Seattle Socks guy that is always in front of us

Boom, boom...



Literal red glare of the rockets

ECS TIFO. Possibly a dig on Ljundberg?

Freddie! Now the enemy

This little kid was awesome

Craptastic PK

Tied up! There was much rejoicing

This is Dan rejoicing

Jenny and Dan happy that we won!

Qwest at night

A celebratory robot dance from Jenny. Yay!


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Dan, Jenny, and Leslie at the Luuuuuuge Leaning for luge.
-- Simmons

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