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The view from our room

Wailua Falls

Leslie likes it

I say "Looks a lot like Snoqualmie Falls"

Put a lodge on the top left and there it is

Even the little trailing river area looks the same

Much warmer here though

Kilauea Lighthouse

They made you pay to drive out there

So we broke out the telephoto lens. Looks the same, right?

Getting fancy with the focus

Catching a swooping bird mid-flight

Pretty waves

Leslie and the lighthouse, also a great name for a children's book

All I wanted was a frozen peanut butter banana pineapple drink and they are CLOSED UNTIL NOV 1! Jerks.

A very scenic scenic overlook

Little did we know we were on our way down there anyways

more pretty scenary

No peanut butter banana pineapple smoothie means we get shave ice (Leslie's favorite)

Apparently, the Wishing Well is the place to go for good shave ice

Leslie getting her proper order in (They were very picky on how you order)

Receiving her stash

The full menu, I think we went with the east side sunrise

There is apparently ice cream underneath the ice

Leslie seems to like it

Should probably try some before she eats it all!

I'm skeptical

But it is pretty good after all. Hooray!

As an added bonus, they are the original

Leslie and her shave ice truck

Self-photo with the shave ice truck

Heading out to the Napali Coast

Cool road/dirty windshield

Some crazy-long one lane bridge

A mountain

Instead of 6 signs, how about one saying "Stay out of water"

More mountainy pictures

Leslie and the mountains (and cones)

Me and the pacific ocean

Leslie getting shutter-happy


Oooh, pretty

But for gods sake, do not pass!

ooh, pretty again

Our view from dinner

Leslie picking her food

Then ignoring me and playing with her hair

Then not ignoring me. Yay!


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