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Thank you fire guy, you were the highlight.

Welcome to the Luau!

Mmm, free mai tai's (not very strong)


Leslie likes taking photos of me, which I guess is an OK quality

People learning how to swing balls on ropes

Some crowd members learning do hula on stage

Hello hula lady!

Scary tiki

not sure why, but there was jewelry for sale

I had troubles following the story line

but the dancing was fun!

Lots of costume changes

and then more dancing

Then this lady came in

and went up to the stage

for more dancing

then another costume change

and then more dancing

oh look! the balls on strings from earlier!

Ooooh, the fire guy is out!


Twirling the fire

more twirling

now throwing and twirling

Faster twirling...

One of my favorite photos

fire guy!

going somewhere do something even cooler now

ooooh, TWO fire sticks

doing his cool little trick to light both ends

another cool photo

spin fire guy, spin!

fire guy. done.


  • ps. worst live crowd I have ever experienced. By far. I felt really bad for the performers during the show

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