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Shots from around the resort

One of many man-made lakes

Tidepools, a really nice place to eat

The breakfast place

Western view from the private cabana

Eastern view from the private cabana

People up on the cliff. Will they jump? We will see soon...

Pacific Ocean

Hi Leslie!

Our private beach residence

Leslie doing some reading in the shade

Super zoomed in shot of Leslieface

Our beach cabana with the hood up

Pineapple, my FAVORITE

My free pineapple for being mayor of the Grand Hyatt Water Slide!

Making sure I tweet about my mayorship prize

People on the cliff again. Jump already!


More jumpers!

ANOTHER jumper

frame-by-frame part 2

frame-by-frame part 3

Surfers galore

Hello Leslie!

Starting to get dark

Sunset on the beach

Me and the sunset on the beach

Another sunset shot

My favorite Leslie beach shot

More people on the cliff. I wanna go up there!

Almost there...

We made it! Although it doesn't really look like it.

The other side of the cliff

It's not that far. I could jump...

Looking back onto the resort

This is where everyone was jumping from earlier

Leslie doesn't want to jump. Lame.

A lone surfer catching a twilight wave

Same surfer, catching a wave


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