Last Day In Kauai

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The first ukulele store I have ever been in

This looks like Leslie had ahold of the camera...

Yup, these pictures definitely scream "Leslie took me"

Shave ice!

Some barn

Mmm, coke sounds good right now

FINALLY, a picture of me

You can't see from this angle but he was making the same face at me

CRAZY shirts

Puppy! Oh wait, not real

Puppy! Guh, still not real

The sun is setting, lets go watch somewhere!

Ooooh, pretty

pretty as well

A lantren in a tree

A palm tree

The bar next to our sunset watching spot

Getting close





Back to the mainland. So sad.


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Another timer photo but this time off a rock i sort of look like i have three legs. Or one man leg and one lady leg.
-- simms

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