Alaska (I'm on a boat!)

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I made it! All 50 states

Good 'ole William "Skagway Bill" Fonda

Leslie and the smallest handrail I have ever seen.

Go Blue!

Sun, Scrabble, and trail mix. Mmm

I liked that the sun was shining only on our boat

Hello Dan!

Hello Jenny!

Hello Leslie!

Hello Kiawah!

Staged, but it really doesn't look like it



Come to find out, these things are like squirrels and are everywhere in Alaska

This was on a canoe

The same bald eagles, like 45 minutes later

Ooh look, they are moving now!

matching rain gear!


Time for me to start driving...

... and this was pretty much my view the entire time

Apart from dodging bouys

And buzzing sea planes

Takatz Bay, our first anchorage

Really pretty. Would have been better if the weather cleared up

When in Rome, make sure you go crabbing

We look so official

Really excited to catch some crab!

The excitement would wear off when all we got was a giant starfish and a slightly fatter sea lion laughing at us from the shore

More buzzing sea planes

Some random sailboat

My first whale sighting! Finally!

I'm memorizing that fluke

Gummi bears lined up at the firing range in Warm Springs Bay, AK


Man overboard!

Kiawah in Warm Springs Bay, AK

Seal pile on channel marker #62

Jabba the hutt's / Sea Lions on a dock


Walking the docks in Petersburg, AK

A cool viking pole

group shot with the Mariner bell

This guy!

Dan, pondering what to do in case of a bear attack...


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Leslie's 2nd career, car modeling hopefully the last time we drive a Cruiser.
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