Anan Bay Bear Preserve

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I wonder what these cubs are looking at...

Oh, another bear

The cubs spent probably 70% of their time in trees

Still looking adorable, of course

Sometimes they went fishing with their mother

Other times they would cause backups on the trails, or "bear-jams" to the locals

So. Many. Bears.

We ran out of space on our SD card very quickly

But we were so close I couldn't help but keep taking pictures

Even as they scampered away

A big grizzly that we passed on the trail in

Oh look, those people are STILL stuck in a bear-jam 20 minutes later.

We were so close you could see the fish blood in their teeth

Bears. Everywhere.

Luckily we had at least 2.5 inches of wood deck between us and these giant black bears

I lost track, which bear cub is this?

Good news, wet bears smell a lot like wet dogs

Oh yea, there are other things to take pictures of other than bears here!

Another successful fisherbear

They surprisingly don't eat very much of the fish. Bears are so wasteful

JUST KIDDING! Bears are awesome! (sorry)

Another close up

Another cute bear cub

Yet Another Cute Bear Cub (YACBC)

A couple of the "far away" bears

Another one of the near bears

Uh oh, someone has been fighting...

Hey! Bruce caught one! Yea Bruce!

These guys wouldn't let us leave the bear blind so I just started snapping photos

Luckily they were adorable

And practicing for the red carpet apparently


2 bear cubs!

Going back up the tree one more time for good measure

Ok, off you go! Time to get back to the boat...

Kiawah in Anan Bay, AK

Something like 50 seals were just swimming around in the bay

Another squirrel, I mean, bald eagle

One! One bear cub in a tree.

Two! Two bear cubs in a tree

Probably my best eagle shot of the trip

2 bears and an eagle n the same tree. Alaska!

This bear was trying so hard for a salmon but kept just missing it. I felt bad for him and named him Bruce. We were basically best friends

Some other bear showing Bruce how its done

Bruce getting frustrated...


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