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Niemo about mile 30

Nate about mile 100

creepy fountain that blinks and spits water out of its mouth

Pre-Sox Game

Opening Pitch -- Go Tigers!

Top row!

Out view of the city skyline

Nook Logan - Best Player EVER!

Skyline after the game

bored after we got off at the wrong stop

Dinner and Bal's drinkin'

1 am - Lost

2:30 am - found

steve moves fast

Inside the bean

replicating inside the bean

replicating even more inside the bean

the magic bean

The great Lawn

Beckham says hi

Married with Children fountain

is that a horse?

fountain again

New Soldier Field (ugly outside)

really small people sitting on the corner of a foosball table

Kinda cool halfway inside Soldier Field

Sweet seats inside Soldier Field

Inside looks cool

Kickoff to the most boring game ever

Haha, Rusty's hair got sunburn

Rocky Rustoffski


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Mill Ends Park - The smallest park in the world according to Guiness Haha. At first i didnt know what you were talking about.. but haha now i get it!!
-- Lauren M.

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