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I-5 going towards downtown

I-5 driving through downtown

Throwing fish at Pike Street Market

Looking straight at downtown from a pier

looking north of downtown from a pier

looking south of downtown from a pier

looking west of downtown from a pier

Welcome to Safeco Field

Mariners taking the field


Ichiro's 257th hit (going over 3Bs head)

And there was much rejoicing

Yay Ichiro!

Ichiro's 258th hit (going up the middle)

And there was much rejoicing

looks familiar

I understand MLB and 258

Yay Ichiro again!

Better seats for 259th hit

Go Mariners!

Yay for backwards quotes!

The beer is gone, boo

More backwards quotes

The candle is gone, boo

"the candle is gone, boo"

Bunny ears

James wasting film

James wasting more film

Good thing the film is digital

And easy to erase

Squishing Leslie's friends head

Single quoting the backwards-quote-girl

double quoting the backwards-quote-girl

night pictures don't work well

not learning from mistakes

Olympic Mountains at sunset

Seattle at sunset

UW at sunset

Microsoft just after sunset


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