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Gee Lloyd, I thought the Rocky Mountains would be rockier than this

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Behind the Metreon

Back of the Metreon

Inside the Metreon

Bay Bridge from a trolley

Read the sign

The Rock

Downtown from the Wharf

Da Wharf

Mmm, Golden Gate

Mmm, Sausalito

It took a lot of tries to get this right

idea = cool, photo = not so cool

Part of the Wave Organ

Wave Organ listening bench

Wave Organ pipes

view from the Wave Organ

Wave Organ innards

This thing is huge

See what I mean?

Steep stairs

Top of the steep stairs

San Francisco is hilly

Park behind James's house

Yay Pacific Ocean

This should be a postcard or something

Get that crane out of there

Proof I was actually in San Francisco

Atop of Twin Peaks

Golden Gate from Twin Peaks

Practicing my self photos

Getting better

Downtown San Francisco

So this random German guy took this photo and said it looked great on the digital camera after he to

crazy germans

Everywhere you look , everywhere you go

Cabin at Tahoe

Jen's fast feet



ready to ski

mmm... Tahoe

Tahoe ski crew

Tahoe ski crew again

Got this first try, oh yea

Sugar Bowl March 2005

So there was a picturesque mountain ridge behind him while he was eating but it didn't turn out so w

Ashleys action shot

awww, O.A.R.!!!

Still in our ski stuff at the show

O.A.R. show from the floor!!

So it took awhile to figure out the flash makes the picture worse

Rock Star quoting the drummer

Damn this show was sweet

Probably my favorite picture of the trip

San Frantastic show


I used to play the Sax in middle school

Terrible picture that actually turned out kinda cool

Cause I got a golden ticket...


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