610 Fest

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Everyone arrives safely

Niemo and Dawson waiting around

And we are off!

1 girl, 7 guys


double awww

We had a lot of these style pictures

who is that on the bottom left?

random dude in the back

our 1st bar of the night/weekend

Gunz and Niemo

Hey everyone, James came to town!

either drink a lot of black and tans or double fist your drinks

Yea zoolander

yay for 610 fest

drones club in Chicago

Group shot at Sheffields

James and Lusty

Much better picture posing the 2nd night

spoke too soon

a little better

dude, its your own camera

I think the dude behind Niemo is staring at Danielle

Can only imagine what he was denying

finishing off a drink

more of an artistic shot i guess

Danielle surrounded by guys this weekend, go figure

must... resist... but... can't...

Rusty showing us how it's done Rick's style

For taking it himself, thats not a bad shot

Niemo, James, Sheffield's

This really looks like an engagement photo or something


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