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Dani and James with Mr. Sangaria

She sucks at beer pong...

not sure what Streeter is doing with the bottle


Championship Photo minus backup Keeper

Championship Photo with backup keeper and team owner

Ash and Leslie

Nate doing what he does best

Why am I so white?

Buster and Alice

Busters Harley coat

Caroline, Grace, Alice

Caroline, Nabil, Alice

Alice and Grace

mmmm, Grace cooking

James stealing cigarettes

James stealing cigarettes #2

almost new years...

The Hawk

yea Nnam

It wasn't my fault...

blatant lie

skeepers pool sharks


Grace and Uche

what is in his mouth?

Ash and Bags


  • that's my sweatshirt!

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Leslie just wanted chips.  Lame. well did you SEE that photo of my arse??? (note: chips at Chipoodle actually have approximately 550 calories in them, sans guac, aka they will kill you just as quick as the burrito so go for the burrito)
-- simms

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