Summer in Chicago

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Gunz and Nate riding the bull

nice pose


awww again

almost perfectly symmetrical

Mr. and Mrs. Gunz

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell

I felt left out

AJ's last night in town

Lollapalooza -- before The Killers

Michelle, Me, and AJ

Me, AJ, Jesse, and Sherri (pre-drama)

Wasting the day away at Castaways

The Okemos corner of Castaways

The day is almost fully wasted away at Castaways

Wasting the night away at Castaways

Carly and Susan

Carly and Ed

We moved indoors to Halligans!

Carly and Hutch

Bashful Susan

Not bashful Hutch

Dani likes to kiss cheeks

I have no idea

Gender-equality cheek kisser

The only 3 girls out with a bunch of dudes

They totally missed cheeks

Towards the end of the night...

... so I have no idea what was going on

739 Pre-Party

739 Pre-Party


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