Seattle 2005

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Apparently we took some friendly fire on the way to Vancouver

EXTREME CLOSE UP! (bored in the car)

34 miles to Vancouver

Huge traffic jam right before the border

Offroading around the traffic jam

No more traffic, yay!

The border was very anti-climatic

Welcome to Canada!

Traffic Jam #2

No more traffic, yay!

Traffic Jam #3

A bus running over downtown Vancouver

Downtown Vancouver

View from our hotel room. Nice.

Leslie and I Pre-Concert

aww how cute

The definition of sisterly love

GM Place - Home of Pearl Jam

Most of the shots turned out blurry like this one

blurry but the lighting was kinda cool

Hi Eddie

"artistic" photo

If this was clear, by far my favorite shot

I guess we were actually pretty close

My new bff

Hello again Eddie

Pretty good shot of the band

Stone is hard to recognize on the street with the beard and glasses

This looks really good at full size

During Corduroy (I think)

During Betterman

Leslie and I Pre-1st encore

Bee Girl with an underwater effect

Yellow Ledbetter while I was squeezing photos out of my camera after the battery died and manged to

This photo caused temporary blindness (sorry!)

Random dude in a pizza shop that possibly could have been dead

On our way to Mt. Rainier

and its a volcano

Mt. Rainier is that way

Still driving to Mt. Rainier

Glaicer water is green

These people were waving so I took a picture of them

Welcome to Mt. Rainier National Park

I think the mountain is behind those clouds

quick bite to eat....

.... and we are ready to hike!

What happens in the meadow at dusk? Everything! Nothing! EVERYTHING! NOTHING!

beautiful Mt. Rainier (behind the clouds)

beautiful purple Mt. Rainier

Okay, so it was just the pamphlet they handed out

Thats what we were supposed to see.

The only waterfall I got to see on the hike :-(

a curious little fawn...

... and its glaring Momma. "Always watching, always judging, look at the baby, look at the baby..."

Yay for Leslie stopping the car for a waterfall!

Mt. Rainier is just north of Paradise

Back in Chicago...


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