Michigan v ND

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tailgate checklist: Friends (check)

tailgate checklist: Food and Drinks (check, check)

tailgate checklist: Ticket to the game (check)

tailgate checklist: Start drinking at 6 in the morning (check)

and we are off!

Superfan showed up!

Nate and Gunz

Janzo after getting picked up at the airport at 5am

Carly is happy

And so is cousin Lindsay

What would gameday be without cars getting towed?

Tow Truck, Gunz, Craft, and Bal

Bal's first game

and we won

The clan

Tom and Laura's first game

The unstoppable duo

Anzo sisters

The start of a long day for Niemo

The most artistic that beer pong can get

Losers in overtime

4 wins in a row (2 in OT).

welcome back to 610

Ca-caw! Ca-caw!


the legendary walk to the game

I still don't get why people try to drive by the stadium on gameday


thumbs up

I can do that

Hail, Hail

2005 Women's softball National Champs

GO BLUE. M Club supports you

610 alumni section

The band mobbing the student section

The band mobbing the 610 alumni section

too bad we lost


drowning away our sorrows and the day at Dominick's

Unbeatable at EXTREME flip-cup




Ann Arbor at night

We'll check back in on these two after a few drinks...

I should have deleted this, but I couldn't resist.


Laura (and Tom) wore the wrong colors out to the bar

It looks like its about time to check back in with Niemo and Scuba

Well Steve doesn't look too bad

Alex and I

Beth and I

Cheers to Better Time Charley's (or Charlie's Upstairs, or Upchucks, etc.)

Laura and Niemo

Niemo calling Rusty from some random dude's bike because he thought it looked like Rusty's bike

And we were laughing at him

Heading back home to Chicago


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