House of Blues

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the 1,234 people behind me...

... and the 65 people in front of me

I am standing at the front row and this is the back of the venue

setting up the stage pre-Plant

First time I have ever seen Robert Plant in person

Robert Plant practicing karate

Robert Plant and the Strange Sensation

Hey Robby, look over here!

Hello Robert!

Robert Plant during Black Dog


Jeff's Speakers

Love Boat Captain take the reins...

Mike in Purple

All the bands friends and family were in the skybox (in the background)

Choir singing Hallelujah (during DTE)

Eddie in the spotlight

This is what a $1,000 concert looks like


Mike never stands still so his pictures are always blurry

Even Flow solo behind his head (awesome)

The rest of Even Flow

Of course, a hand is in the way

During Dissident

Ed starting Eldery Woman

I seem to recognize your face...


Mike was crazy tonight

I like this photo a lot

Go Cubs!

The shades go down...

I am mine

Can't find a Bettermaaaaaaan

I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky but why,

I'm still Alive

Mike stripped for Save You

And then got really close

A dude next to me threw this flag on stage


Hello Eddie

Eddie in the crowd during Porch

More of Eddie in the crowd during Porch

Last one of Eddie in the crowd for Porch

Man of the Hour

Low key 1st encore

Mike hand dancing

Given To Fly Illinois license plate

and right into Going to California... Highlight of the show by far

My favorite photo of the show and also my favorite moment of the show

so worth $1,000

Lead singers of my two favorite bands of all time singing together

I would have paid $5,000 (after the fact)

The guys singing together with Plant on lead

Fool in the Rain -- First time ever played... serioulsy, the first time EVER

Neither of them actually knew the lyrics -- hilarious!

Robert Plant singing Thank You

End of the 2nd encore

3rd encore - Plant on guitar for Rockin' In The Free World

Robert Plant actually saying Thank You

I love this city

My new prized possession


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