Decagon Reunion

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Waiting for the Blue Line

Nobody seems to enjoy early morning pictures underground

But I do!

A seagull pooping on the bean

Dan-O and Bal licking it off


Sydney at Potbelly's

Sydney-aided peace sign

Aww, how cute

Looks just like Hoover St in Ann Arbor before a game

Hi Bal

Seriously, were there ANY Northwestern fans there?

Northwestern's tiny field

(most of) The Crew

GO BLUE. M Club supports you


The Offense, about to score

Safa and Susan

The offense, about to score (again)

Northwestern scored, grrr

Officially bowl-eligible

Bal's shirt is really shiny

Ed Martin giving Jalen Rose some cash for the night


Yes, Ed Martin carried a shoe box around all night long

And handed out cash


Why do I love this photo so much?

And this one too.

Welcome to East Lansing.

K-bloom and Janzo

Jagerbombs (of course)

gotta love it


very classy

Webber calling timeout

Nate and Happy Kristen


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