Vegas 2005

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The morning after the first night.

View from one of our Caesar's Palace room

Us, in Vegas, at night.

The Wynn is cool

Watching the Stones at Bellagio

Bal checking for his adams apple

High class all the way

Vegas at night

Vegas at night during Christmas time

Our blurry check for dinner ($646.29)

A professional photographer took this.

Gunz doing Karaoke (lots more of these pictures follow)

great song

should be a wedding photo

Next song, they had backup dancers/singers


apparently it was one of their 21st birthdays

Gunz a little scared


Tom got a free shot out of this

I'm running out of descriptive words for this



The girls came back on stage for other people too (drunk)

Nate getting in on the action. It's Vegas!

Sleeping. In a Bar. Sad.

We're still up!

wake up!


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