Gunz Wedding

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Hello Steve!

Benson paying attention

Carly and James not paying attention

Carly and James still not paying attention in a darker time

The Newlyweds

Blurry Niemo

Wasting film while waiting for Gunz and Sarah to arrive at the reception

Groom and me

Most unflattering picture ever

Bal hear's Escape start to play...

... and begins to sing into his tie.

Us, scaring all the other wedding guests by dancing in a circle around Gunz and Sarah

I think Meatloaf was playing

More dudes circle dancing

John practicing the Gunz-Finger-Point dancemove

John, John, and Gunz

Everyone is learing the new craze

John is really getting into it.

Mr. and Mrs. Gunz

Lots and singing and lots of dancing at the reception.


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