New Years

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I don't think I had 1 good smile that night

Andy is getting tired... new bar!

Sheffield's... When it's clear you need a beer

Much more awake, what's he laughing at?

... Now I see.

Carly, Nate

Carly, Andy

Trippe makes a Sheffield's appearance


Dani, Leslie

Always a good time at Sheffields

Dani in a kissing photo. Go figure.

I'm tallest!

Gettin ready for NYE

Perfect timing on the picture

Extreme Flip-cup rematch. Ready.... Set....


This is a much harder game indoors.

Laura (3) and Niemo

Niemo feeling frisky

1 of these 2 live in Chicago now...

Drinks are being had before the guests arrive

Laura (2) and Tom

Back to regular flip-cup

playing flip-cup with vodka

Welcome to Chicago Streeter

"Wait, you are using vodka?"

Start of general party photos... captions on pause.

Happy New Year!

captions unpaused... Tom & Laura (2)

Yay New Years!

Aiming at some dude's head down the hall



Not actually double-fisting

Carly, Susan

Best NYE Ever.

Niemo and Laura (3)

Laura (3) and Carly


Touhey and Laura (1)

Want better pictures? Just add Carly

This looks like some family band album cover with most of the party in one shot and all randomly doi

Tom told us to do this and then didn't do it himself

Happy '06!

"Yay for Leslie in Chicago"... take 1

"Yay for Leslie in Chicago"... take 2

Nate and Andy at Duffy's

Eating chicken at Duffy's!

Nate, Andy, Carly

Carly, Leslie

Leslie, Dani, Carly


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