St. Pattys

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Crowd waiting to see the river change colors

More of the crowd waiting to see the river change colors

Nate, Carly, Sarah, and Tom -- take 1

Nate, Carly, Sarah, and Tom -- take 2!

Trump's new building

Dude on a boat throwing beads to people

Ooooh, its green(er)!

Picture by the green river where you can't actually see the green part of the river (thanks random c

Green river

Group picture by the green river

Campbells by the green river

Eating a peppermint next to the green river

Dudes by the green river


Da parade

I think he is supposed to be St. Patrick. Not sure though.

I have no idea why there was a giant dog ballon at the St. Patricks Day parade

The Weinermobile!

I want to ride on the weinermobile :-(

Harp, Sarah, Tom, Guinness

Happy St. Patricks Day!


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