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Rob dancing with the locals

A stop light!

Blue ridges on the Blue Ridge parkway

Drive-by overlook picture. Whoops! It's crooked...

... Ahh, much better

I like the different shades of blue in the ridges

1 of many failed attempts at an Exiting A Tunnel photo

Took the tunnel photo too late

Bull Creek Valley. The last buffalo seen in this locality was killed nearby in 1799 by Joseph Rice,

I would say that ridge is more brownish-red than blue

Waaaaay too early on the Exiting A Tunnel photo

Oooh, JUST missed it

This was a really cool path with trees that almost formed a tunnel

Looks like a Storm's a brewin

Hello Tennessee!

If you go far enough east, wouldn't you eventually run into Mt. Everest?

View from the supposed highest point east of the Mississippi River

Feel free to use this as your desktop background!

Yay for Mt. Mitchell!

Can you believe it!?!?

"View" is being used in the loosest sense possible

back to trying to get that elusive Exiting A Tunnel photo

That is snow on the side of the road. Brrrr

Ooh, this is the closest one yet

Nope, horrible.

Enough tunnel photos... Back to Asheville!

View of downtown

This is probably my proudest bar moment of all time. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Day two and I think I figured out the whole Tunnel picture thing

I like that one but there should be a mountain there instead of trees

Closer, took the picture too soon


Oooh, just about perfect

Wow, how many tunnels are there on this road?

We are going to hike to the top of that mountain (hill)

Contemplating life on top of the mountain (hill),


Click through these next 3 photos really fast... its funny


A special prize for anyone that can find the parking lot where our car is

Testing my self-photo abilities

Excellent, my self-photo aim is still good

Creek that accompanied lunch time

thirsty after lunch

If you wait long enough, you can catch Salmon

Devil's Courthouse

Woulda been cooler if the biker was still in the light

No more tunnels. Back home, watching the tourney!

Watching the tourney through a paper towel roll

Old-skool Asheville trolley

The flat iron at Wall St. Where is the Scotty Dog and the Wheelbarrow? I wanna be the Thimble!


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