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Welcome to Wrigley! Get Washington Mutual!

Why is there a WaMu add on the sign?

It looks like Susan is falling over

James and Amy with hair in her face

View from center field

Blurry scoreboard

James and Amy in the seats. I wonder who was in charge of the camera this day.

View from left field which happens to be a vortex for baseballs at Wrigley

staring longingly at James

James and Amy with shades

James and Amy without shades

Seriously, why didn't the sell their rooftop seats?

"I have no idea"

Amy getting bored at the game

Can you tell she was in charge of the camera yet?

Keeping score at a baseball game is cool

Woooo! Go Cubs!

That is one lucky bastard on my left... My hat is different!

the 4 of us on a bright sunny day at Wrigley

Cubs win! Cubs win!

Proof the cubs won. Be courteous to the Wrigleyville neighbors

One last Amy and James pic for the road

James and Liz at the bar after the game

Horrible picture of James' bruised finger from trying to backhand the game winning home run


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