Independence! (Day)

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I don't remember taking a picture of Ichiro's butt

Every guy in this picture has the same pose

That dude on the left is totally picking his nose

The shade is cold

Yay sun!

Go Mariners!

Off to get ice cream, yaaaay!

Look! Mt. Si!

Mmmm, ice cream (sno cone)

Look! Mt. Si again!

BBQ cookout time, yummy.

Stuffed from eating too much grill food

Off to putt-putt

Yay putt-putt!


At the turn

Tiger Tiger Woods ya'll

Hole-in-one pose

My ball is already in the cup.

As far as back alleys go, this is one of the nicest

Mt. Si. Again.

wait for it...

Mt. Si AGAIN! Crazy

Snoqualmie Falls 1 Mile

Snoqualmie Falls 0 Miles

Sunset at Snoqualmie falls

Self photo attempt

Giving up and having someone else take it. I have no idea what "DEEP" means.

Pretty sunset

I like the flowers in this one.

This one too

Leslie with a Halo

I'm surprised this turned out this well

Salish Lodge & Spa

These three hawks were fighting in mid-air and then landed on different peaks of the building while

Long day over. Goodnight.


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