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Watching Kevin Grady score the first touchdown from the 17th row

picture of us watching from the 17th row

Hmmm. Maybe Greg was a Vandy fan

Karl Lopata, haha!

Post game band playing

Go Blue! Woo hoo!

Ash and Greg (Gary)

Aww, Carly blinked

Off to Dominicks!

mmm, sangria

James really likes sangria

Yay Dominick's!

mmm, pizza

and then it started to get a little chilly

wee-man James

Ahhh, all done

Sangria is gone, what to do...

break out the cameras!


pictures of taking pictures

pictures of looking at pictures of pictures taking pictures.

Leslie, Ashley, and Dominicks

And there was a wedding too! :-)

pre-game meal: wings and champagne

they were goooood

real good.

blurry Steve with the blurry birdesmaids

(most of) the wedding party

All Michigan groomsmen

there is a lot of purple in this photo


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