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The skyline is somewhere behind that fog

Seagulls taking off and caution tape

My gear

Foggy Planetarium

Thumbs up -- ready to go!

Amy's ready too

And so is Justin

Unpacking everything for the looooong day

Streeter is imagining the amazing view we are going to have at the top of the Sears Tower in about a

Looking for something

Bib-ing up

Happy at the start!

Everyone is happy!

Team Photo pre-event

Drying and cleaning off our feet after running 6 miles, 103 flights of stairs, and wading through La

Those sox used to be all white

Vanilla Bean GU is REALLY good

Seriously, good.

Ready to bike 40 more miles. Look how excited we are about it!

Rainbow at the end of the bike ride

Rainbow, Amy, Streeter

ECSTATIC to be done

See that really tall building to the left of them? We climbed all those stairs (and back down)

Streeter in the background is the best part of this

Team Photo post-event

The skyline with the Black Eyed Peas concert off to the right

To see photos from during the r


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2,203 ft?  Thats it? It's actually my watch!
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