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Welcome to Disney World! (lunch at Coronado Springs)

Love Bugs. They were ALL over!

Leslie trying on her Ears

you can't see it very well but I have a propeller on my head

I liked the other ones better

MGM (New York)

On the Backlot Tour ride

map of MGM Studios

the ear-ful tower. Har har.

Leslie and the Flight of the Navigator spaceship

Steve Zissou's boat

Tower of Terror. Best. Ride. Ever.

In front of a giant guitar outside the Aerosmith ride

zoomed in shot in front of a giant guitar outside the Aerosmith ride

The giant guitar outside the Aerosmith ride

There was some Univision event going on that night.

tighter cropping

It totally looks like I am wearing the blue hat and have lights as mouse ears. (Note: neither were t

Hollywood Boulevard

Crossroads of the World

Animal Kingdom lodge, at night

Bonfire outside of Animal Kingdom lodge

and again...

FIRE! FIRE! heh heh.

New day, off to Magic Kingdom!

Taking a picture of Cinderella's Castle and Cinderella's Crane

Walt pointing out someone wearing a fanny pack

Leslie on the teacup ride, pre-sickness

My brethren on the (cringe) Its A Small World ride

Locking Leslie in the stocks for taking me on the Its A Small World ride

Pineapple Dole Whip is AMAZING.

But it gives massive Dole whip headaches

Beautiful Coronado Springs Resort at Dusk

Us in front of the beautiful Coronado Springs Resort

Leslie at our $160.00 FREE dinner


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